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LIVECUBE GLOBAL RESOURCES has been in operation for 5 (five) years, started in January 2014 with the name of Ladees Global Resources and renamed to Livecube Global Resources on 23rd March 2016. Started with consultant services, supplying healthy foods and various products such as fabrics and women’s accessories. After one (1) year in operation, we move forward to provide, develop and market various products  and  goods made of plastics and paper and later on in 2015, we approached government of Melaka with new biodegradable and compostable products.


LIVECUBE GLOBAL SDN BHD was established on 5 September 2018. Our office premises is located at Suite 1041, 10th Floor, Block A3, Leisure Commerce Square, No.9, Jalan PJS 8/9, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.


LIVECUBE GLOBAL SDN BHD is actively supplying the latest technology biodegradable products and is dedicated to global replacement of non-biodegradable disposable (and in many cases toxic) products with environmentally friendly alternatives. Most of Livecube products are 100% eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable& compostable and most are superior in design and performance to their less environmentally friendly counterparts.


In addition, the Management of LIVECUBE GLOBAL SDN BHD has extensive experience in carrying out the above activities and has an extensive network of business relationships and strong networking with companies to produce and supply of goods and services concerned within or outside the country.


LIVECUBE GLOBAL SDN BHD is 100% certified by Bioeconomy Malaysia, Perbadanan Teknologi Hijau Melaka (PTHM), Melaka Biotech Holding Sdn Bhd, Ministry Federal Territory, Perbadanan Putrajaya, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, Hijrah Selangor, LADA Langkawi, J-Biotech and Sahabat Alam Sekitar as a supplier of dependable sustainable solutions company for Biodegradable product and services.


LIVECUBE GLOBAL SDN BHD was established by partners who realized the need of being good stewards of the environment. Together with their stakeholders, they're building a company dedicated and committed to environmental stewardship and social responsibility, by providing one-stop convenient source for sustainable packaging products and green based food product.


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Hafizam Mustaffa

 Melaka Green Technology Corporation

Livecube has been in existence now for more than tree years (writing in October 2019) and we have learnt a lot and made some progress towards promoting the bioeconomy in the Malaysia. Over these two years we have gone through General Elections , and the considerable disruption these have caused to the government’s daily activities.

All this has made it extremely difficult to understand the political landscape, engage politicians and officials, find the time and spaces to explain our positions.

Bioeconomy investments and development are quite dependent upon central government policy. This is because the bioeconomy will generally grow only where the policy landscape is one in which environmental standards are raised so that new materials, products and production technologies, can enter into consolidated markets.

Where cleaner production is an objective, industrial biotechnologies can challenge existing technologies, for example by reducing carbon emissions and sourcing renewable materials instead of fossil fuels. Where waste prevention and improved recycling is an objective, biobased and biodegradable products can bring solutions in certain uses, such as for the packaging and collection of food waste. Where soil and farming quality are objectives, biodegradable pesticides, lubricants or film mulches can offer improvements in soil quality through reduced contamination.

Livecube has worked closely, insofar as it has been possible in this rather confused landscape, with the Bioeconomy Malaysia, Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment & Climate Change (MESTECC) and with local governments in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka & Selangor; and in partnership with many other associations whose interests touch upon bioeconomy. We have attended dozens of meetings, given evidence to and attended Parliamentary inquiries, spoken with Exco's on all sides of the political spectrum, engaged Ministers, and continued to help, albeit it remotely, on Malayia policies around the Circular Economy.

Key to enabling the production of bio-materials in packaging is the waste management infrastructure we have. Malaysia does not have food waste collections everywhere and this hampers the use of compostable materials. If these are not collected with food waste, they will go to landfill/incineration, thereby failing to take advantage of their principal environmental benefit. Similarly, we find that the potential of offering zero-waste solutions in catering environments is severely hampered where food waste is not collected separately. This has been one of the Livecube central policy objectives and we are hopeful that we shall see government acceptance of the importance of separate collection of food waste within a reasonable time period.

Other policy objectives include quality of soil and our waterways, where biodegradable products like lubricants and pesticides, can enhance quality and safety; implementing policies to reduce contamination to soil from PE film mulch, or from plastics contained in compost and digestate originating in poor quality collection; and finally, in introducing compostable materials in certain food chain uses, such as coffee pods, teabags, some food wrapping, bags, where these can be recovered with food waste and returned to soil in a circular loop.

We hope you share some of these policy objectives with us and join our campaigning for a greener and more bio-focused Malaysia.



Diana Bee

Making the World Better, Naturally.


We all want to take care of our planet. While businesses aspire to make responsible, ecologically sound decisions, consumers prefer to use environmentally friendly products


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Our Compassion comes through in the way we embrace only vegan products. It comes through in the way we produce compostable plastic that won’t harm animals. And it comes through in our customer service.

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Our Excellence makes its appearance in our strong CPLA cutlery that satisfies your everyday needs. It shows in how we put all of our hearts and minds into compostable packaging, and it’s clear from the way we consult with other brands to make green initiatives come true.



Our Integrity is present in all of our products, which hold the highest certifications we can find. It is present in the education we offer our customers, and it’s there when we ask consumers to investigate us and draw their own conclusions.



Livecube has designed extremely convenient custom and package cloning options that allow you to replace 100% of your products and packaging with compostable alternatives. One day, we hope to help replace all plastic with SAFE, planet-friendly bioplastic alternatives.

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Times are changing. Only a few years ago, it was prohibitively expensive and difficult to replace your plastic packaging with compostable alternatives. Some companies even justified it as eco-friendlier to use plastic for the time being.

NOW, there is NO EXCUSE to continue using horrible, extremely toxic petroleum-based plastics in your packaging.



Livecube products is designed for the planet with your convenience in mind. We realize saving the planet and living the ultimate Eco-friendly lifestyle is not easy. With Livecube, you get the most convenient and easy eco-friendly solutions so you can make a difference without changing your entire life.

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