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Biodegradable & Compostable Agrobased

(Oil palm Tree)Containers & Tableware’s

These compostable trays are perfectly safe and biodegradable as it is made from agro based fibre pulp. These food boxes are lightweight and sturdy. It is practical and stylish. People love the look and feel good factor of our eco materials. Being economical, it also proves to be a great alternative when compared to the current conventional type using materials that are harmful to the environment in the long term. The usage is more evident these days as compostable trays as such are widely seen in various retail and shopping malls. We got two option of design and set.

Agro Based Fibre Pulp Tableware Products
Description( SET 1)

Microwavable – Oven Proof up to 180 Celsius (Heating Only)

Microwavable - Water & Oil Resistant, Chemical Free.

Biodegradable - Non toxic, Sustainable Virgin Material & freezable —18 Celsius

Cost Effective & Sustainable


Agro Based Fibre Pulp Tableware
Products Description ( SET 2)





Unbleachable Fiber



Sustainable Resources

Water Resistant

Oil Resistant

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