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Biodegradable & Compostable
Recycled/Virgin Paper Pulp Containers & Tableware's


Paper made from virgin fibres is no less environmentally friendly than paper constructed with recycled fibres – as long as you choose wisely. In fact, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has confirmed that certified virgin paper is environmentally sound .  This is in part due to the fact that without the production of virgin fibres, the world would run out of paper within just a few months6. Since recycled paper can only be recycled a certain number of times, virgin paper production is necessary in order to continue using paper products. 


The modern production process of virgin fibres is much more hygienic than recycled paper mills and generates the energy needed from burning waste wood rather than relying on electricity or fossil fuels like recycled mills. This method uses virgin pulp bales and processes the material in “pulpers” which enables different types of high-quality paper to be made. For example, long-fibres virgin pulp produces strong kitchen paper, and short-fibres virgin pulp produces soft toilet tissue. There’s no bacteria-harboring starches for germs to cling to or any slime left behind. 


Virgin fibres create paper with higher absorbency rates, better ink colour and retention, and softer and more durable options. Providing effective and high-quality products reduces waste because guests won’t have to use multiple paper towels or a large portion of the toilet paper roll to satisfy their needs. Better products also contribute to cost savings over time.  


Because they are stronger and more reliable, virgin fibre

products give customers an enhanced experience. In an

age where word-of-mouth can reach millions via social

media or review websites, and make or break a brand’s

reputation, every business wants to avoid customer

disasters, especially in restrooms. Because virgin fibres

products also support the environment, they have the

opportunity to further improve brand image. 

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Hot Paper Cups Make Carry-Out and Self-Serve Beverages Easy to Hold

Choose from paper hot cups in many sizes to suit extra small to giant-sized orders. We offer cups with a variety of exterior colors and designs, so you can customize the look of your take-out supplies to fit in with your café's theme. Use plain white styles to write custom orders on the cup, and try modern multi-colored options with printed graphics or drawings for artistic appeal. Many of our hot paper cups are also environmentally-friendly because they're compostable or made from recycle paper. A paper cup is a disposable cup made out of paper and usually lined with a bit of plastic or wax to prevent the liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper. It may be made of recycled paper and is widely used around the world and its popularity and demand has increased at a faster pace.

Today, the paper cups are used in most of the places including hospitals, commercial centers, schools, offices and so forth. In comparison to the ordinary cups these disposable cups carry a wide variety of benefits along with them. These cups are quite beneficial if you compare it to the plastic and Styrofoam cups. Going back to its origination, Paper cups were popularized in 1918 during the American flu epidemic. They were used by a large number of people to avoid infections as they would and throw it. It was mainly used to promote public hygiene.

Some of the most important benefits that have made the disposable cups so popular have been elaborated below.


1. Eco-friendly: With alarming global warming condition and other environmental deterioration, today the most common factor to keep in mind is that the product widely used must be eco-friendly. Since, it is not made up of plastic or styrofoam, the material that is used is biodegradable. As these cups are made of disposable material, it decomposes quite easily. Not only this but also the cups can easily be recycled if it is in the right hands. The cups are made up of pulp extracted from the trees and water. Thus, there are arises no question of it being toxic.

2. Convenient: The takeaway cups are convenient to use and carry. Being light in weight, you can cart them around as per your wish. When you do not want to wash the pile of cups and glasses and are looking for an easy way off; takeaway coffee cups are the best alternative. It is the best option if you are planning an outing an want to avoid carrying heavy luggage. They are easily portable and the package also is convenient enough to carry.


3. Safe: If you compare the disposable cups to the plastic and Styrofoam cups, these cups are safe to use either for hot beverages or for cold beverages. Easy to handle and not does not contain toxic materials are the add on points in favor of the paper coffee cups.


4. Variety: These cups are available in wide variety of shapes and sizes. It is also available in different designs e.g. Cartoon designs, logos printed, designs of coffee, tea or any other beverage and lots more.

The two most common varieties of Coffee Takeaway Cups include the cups that are used for cold drinks such as cold drinks and sodas and cups used for hot beverages such as tea and coffee.

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